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The Influence & Persuasion for Impact Program

People don't listen to you, you want to have a bigger impact, you don't feel you have enough support?

Learning the art of influence & persuasion for positive impact will ignite your career and life.

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This program is currently in creation, because I know how critical this skillset is to anyone who wants to have an impact, to unleash their potential, get recognised and have the most amazing professional & personal life. 

If you’d like to be notified when the program becomes available to join, complete the form below and I will be in touch with updates! 

Your high performance coach,


WK 1 & 2

Identity is powerful, it holds your inner strength and the ability to tap into the unexplored potential. Finally feeling fulfilled and achieving your goals. 

WK 3 & 4

Control procrastination & be more effective with your time to protect the time outside work, avoiding burnout. 

WK 5 & 6

Build Unstoppable Confidence

Have the power within you to strive for your goals. 

Are you interested in developing your influence over others?

Let me know in the comments here that you’d like to be notified when we go live. 

I develop my programs in priority order of demand and significance, I believe this is incredibly important, but other programs may be developed first if they have more interest.

Help me to help you and let me know what you need now… 

Coming soon

Sue Parker

I believed that Hard Work + Long Hours = Success

When I reached a leadership I felt overwhelmed, unprepared and alone. 

What’s more, I felt tremendous guilt for wanting to maintain a career, when all around me, the world seemed to be saying it should be enough for you to be a mum. 

I discovered that the top 2% of people that are fulfilled, successful & experience work life balance, have a toolkit, support and clarity so they can have impact. 

I geeked out on neuroscience & personal development to become a better leader, wife & mum.

Now I want to ensure you can achieve your goals, be a confident leader of impact & maintain a well balanced life. I created The 3D Success Framework to make it happen. 

I want YOU to wake up MOTIVATED and go home FULFILLED. 

Let us empower you to be the leader you aspire to be, and live a life you love. 

Sue Parker

You've been reasonably successful in your career, but it doesn't feel like it?

If you're ambitious, you'll know it can be frustrating. No sooner as you have achieved one career goal you feel like it's still not enough. The feeling you expect often doesn't come. When each new role the 'to do' list gets longer.

Slowly you can become disconnected, sceptical, or the overwhelm breaks you, makes you throw it all away.
You know that you have plenty more potential. To show up bigger, have a bigger impact, It is easy to become stuck with no direction, no support or limiting beliefs.

I'm tired, feel unfulfilled, I'm not sure I want to do this anymore, or what else I would do

Clarity | Vision | Empowerment

Diverse Leaders

So why aren't you having a HUGE impact?

I don't have any time

Building a career or a side hustle, leading a a team, managing technology and stakeholders, all with a busy family life demands a lot of you.

You have to work out the strategy, the important projects, develop your visibility & brand, people to influence and a team to lead.

It takes a lot of figuring out & personal development on your own.

No one listens to me, not my boss, or my team

You’ve worked hard to hone your skills to be a competent expert in your area.

Yet when it comes to influencing decisions or simply getting others to complete tasks you often find it an uphill struggle. 

It’s no surprise as some schools neglect to teach you the skills you need.


I don't have the support

People are happy for you to solve their problems. Lean on your expertise. 

But you find everyone is so busy or perhaps they don’t understand what you even do. 

With countless courses that leave you guessing.

You need a development plan, a set of strategies that work in the new world and support.


The 3D Empowered Leader Program

Join for 5th July 2021 Registration

Feel empowered from the moment you join.
Find not only the clarity & toolkit you need but the support knowing you've no longer got to do this alone.
In just a short time you will become a Confident New Generation Leader, embarking on the next stage of our career and having impact.

Why is The 3D Empowered Leader Program is Different?

I am someone who has walked in your shoes as a female tech leader and I know what it takes to transform. This is not:
1. an outdated leadership program (circa £2.5k- £5k) or
2. a coach who expects you to have the answers (£2.5k - £10k) or
3. another online course that leaves you all alone nor a HR guide.

This program will teach you strategies with supportive coaching using The 3D Framework, to not only leverage your energy, competency & influence, to have a higher impact, but also to build a more balanced and fulfilled life.

121 COACHING: When you join The 3D Empowered Leader Program, we’ll have a 121 welcome call to discuss your goals and challenges, including how the program can help.

GROUP COACHING: A Live Coaching & Q&A call each week of the program. These are incredibly valuable!   

Because the program is based on The 3D Personal Growth Framework, you can become the leader you always wanted, thriving in a career you love.… without sacrificing your personal life, your health or risking burn out & feeling it’s still not enough! 

That means you will experience the feeling of success and fulfilment, knowing you are a New Generation Leader with impact. .. MUCH faster… and with LESS risk. 

Don't leave your personal & professional growth to someone else. Take control & make it happen.

You can leave it to others and never get the recognition, never reach your potential. You could be one of the 40% of leaders who fail. You can plateau or you can uplevel with strategic personal & professional development. An intentionally crafted transformational program with the best in modern growth. Sign up & grow.

"Sue really helped me to change my career for the better"
Sam Denton

What Do you get?

Access to all resources & training materials for ONE Whole Year!

You Tube Channel

Video Teaching & Actionable Steps

Using the 3D framework, I will deliver video lessons with practical strategies and clear actions steps for you progress. 

practical workbooks

Personal Development Plan

Scorecard & more

Live Training/ Coaching
Private Group

Private safe coaching group page to inspire & share

High Impact Weekly Lives (replays available) for hands on coaching & Q&A


Choose the perfect plan


Per month 3 Mths
Total £2097


In full

Get all the support you need to uplevel & build a life you love

Join women in tech going to the next level

Ready for the next level? Feeling Stuck? 
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My mission is to help more women in IT to uplevel. So we've compiled the success path to show you the steps to take. You download the blueprint by entering your details below.
Remember above all else to take action
with love, Sue xx
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Potential risk of redundancy? 
Download the 3 Smart Strategies to be ready

I know it can all be overwhelming, so to keep it simple we've got it down to these 3 smart strategies add your details below to receive the download. 
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Data & Tech CV Template

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Want to progress but can't figure out what to do? Don't know what you will enjoy or if you have the skills? Tired of feeling stuck. 

Find your Career Clarity

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You can decide in advance how you will respond to most interview quetsions. So why wouldn't you be that prepared? That confident?
Creating a lasting first impression with one of the first answers can work wonders for winning job offers. 
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30 Useful Questions for the Intreviewer

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Asking well thought out questions can also leave a positive lasting impression on the interviewer. 
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Learn to Confidently Master Interviews to Secure your Next Role

I run these sessions live  in small groups for maximum impact, with replay available.

Usually over 10 days with a Q&A session and optional practice interview.

If you would like to apply for a future cohort please drop your details below and I will contact you for enrollment.
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Get my 5 transformational breakthroughs as a new generation leader.

Become an Empowered Leader with Impact - Free Training

Sign up below for the Empowered Leader series training and weekly personal & professonal development: Build your CONFIDENCE, your VISIBILITY,  INFLUENCE & impact. Getting more CLARITY, FOCUS, PRODUCTIVITY without risking burn out. Let's do this, Sue 
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