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Less overwhelm to progress & achieve your goals

It can sometimes feels like success is always beyond the next career goal

If you're aspirational or a leader then you'll know that it can be frustrating, it's easy to lose faith in your own decisions. To suffer imposter syndrome, go unheard, unrecognised, there's not enough support or direction.
Yet deep inside you know you have untapped potential, you want to inspire and have impact. You want to have a successful career that you love.
Wake up motivated and come home fulfilled in your life's work.
And you have the power to make it happen!

Unleash your true potential


You can wake up motivated & come home fulfilled


Ready to take yourself to the next level?

Personal Growth - Career Development
Women leaders in Tech

Supportive Coaching

Join our virtual networking events to build your support network, get answers, access to mentors and opportunities.

Professional Development

When you have complete clarity on your vision you know your direction. 
With this comes motivation and positive energy. 

Acheive goals

Build your confidence & skills as a leader, including how to lead a well functioning IT team. We tackle the real issues. Including the mindset shifts of the top 3%. 

The #1 Member's club for Ambitious Professionals

Network/Support of amazing women in Tech in same position

Get Powerful Clarity & Direction

Clarity is powerful. Make better decisions, stay aligned to your values, know your superpowers. To acheive anything you first need to know what it is you want to create.

More confidence to acheive your goals

What are the limiting beleifs you tell yourself? What have people said to you? And experiences have been internalised are now holding you back? I talk about moving forward from a position of strength, this self belief helped me to do just that.

Develop Influence and impact

You are destined for more, you will have a great impact. The only things holding you back are the mindset, support, clarity & strategies.

Women leaders in Tech

Get FOCUS & be more productive to progress, beat burn out & achieve work life balance

Work smarter not harder. Supercharge your daily productivity on what matters! Learn to say no, get focused & progress. Leave work satisfied so you can be in fully present at home.

Stay Motivated with Incredible Support

We can give you the tools but with no one there to guide you and hold you accountable it's easy to get stuck again. In fact this was one of the discoveries in the 3D framework that I resisted the most. We feel we need to go alone, when the reality is that the succesful few have a coach, mentor & peers around them. Buid your support network.

Take control, get out of your own way & make it happen

Sue Parker

Sue Parker
The 3D Personal Growth Framework

Hello I'm Sue Parker

High Performance & Leadership Coach, Data & Tech Leader, 15yrs exp. 

I felt overwhelmed, lacked support, & struggled to keep up with the pace. I spent years in the detail, I’d lost my focus, my passion and felt like an impostor. I’d always wanted to be successful, a confident career mum & role model. Using my potential & feeling fulfilled at work was the key to making me happier at home too. When I figured out how the high performers, made it work I accelerated, the key was personal growth & support:

My Mission

Now I'm on a mission to help you get the success & fulfilment you deserve, through the 3D framework of support, transformational new personal & professional development.
Empowered Leaders in Tech is my most meaningful project yet, with a big vision to help you wake up motivated and go home feeling fulfilled.

The ELiTe Collective Members

I’ve worked with aspirational professionals, in all sectors, to build successful careers. Now we’re going big with the only membership combining personal & professional growth, with The 3D Framework.
For you to live your best life, unleash your potential, show your biggest critics, build lifelong connections and a career. That leaves you waking up motivated and going home fulfilled.

Take Control, Get out of your own way & make it happen

Sue Parker

"Sue really helped me to change my career for the better"
Sam Denton

The next generation of empowered leaders start here ->

There’s no other place where you’ll find this much support with personal & professional development every MONTH!  

To kickstart your personal growth we’ve defined the success path from knowing your strengths, building confidence right through to influencing senior decision makers and having the biggest impact.  With fantastic support. 


That’s why we have just 2 enrolments with limited places per year and you can join the waiting list now. 

How ELiTe transforms your professional & personal life

Live Coaching

One clear difference in the top 2%, is the support of a coach. Costing thousends 121, join a group live and feel the boost to acheive your goals.

Personal & Professional Growth Training

Transformational development training, from advanced mindset such as resillience & confidence to practical skills like persuading others or managing a team.

Set monthly goals & progress!

Did you know that only 17% of people even have goals. 14% of them are 100 times more likley to acheive success and 3% that write them down are 3 times that to acheive them.

Safe place to explore ideas

As we want to grow, it can often be difficult to find a place to explore these ideas freely. In work we feel we must present the answers and often you need to talk it out.

Supportive Peer Community

As we advance it's easy to lose the connection with colleagues and people who understand your situation. Find likeminded aspirational professionals like you.

Dedicated online space

Access training on demand, access support and more from anywhere.

Get all the support you need to perform at the next level & build a life you love

Get Started Now

Choose the plan for you and start your journey to becoming empowered & building a successful career.

ELite Collective Founding Member

  • 121 Call with me

    Let's get you off to a good start with a free 121 call with me! (Only for founding members)

  • Monthly Live Coaching/ Q&A

    To keep you motivated, ask questions and offer insightful tips in the moment.

  • Modern Personal & Professional Development Monthly Masterclass

    Learn transformational personal & professional development teachings. With actionable steps.

  • Like minded peers in a supportive private group

    24/7 ask for help, celebrate successes & never be alone! ELiTe & our community are here for you.

  • Monthly Goal Setting & Planning Workshop

    Move forward, get clarity on those goals and the action steps to achieve them with support.



normally £49




Save 15%

£203.88 billed once a year

Get Started Now

Choose the plan for you and start your journey to a successful career with the next enrolment. 

ELite Collective Membership

  • Ultimate Strategy to a Successful IT Career

    So you can see the essential steps to building a career you love.

  • Weekly Lives/ Q&A

    To keep you motivated, ask questions and offer insightful tips in the moment.

  • Monthly Masterclass

    To show you how to uplevel & build a tech career you love, with action plans, resources & more.

  • Amazing Supportive Private Group

    24/7 ask for help, celebrate successes & never be alone! ELiTe & our community are here for you.



Normally £129



Save £48

£540 billed once a year, Normally £1440

"You helped me in regards to getting an IT job without you I wouldn’t have kept trying!"
Olivia Colley
Product Owner


We work with leaders, aspirational professionals & entrepreneurs who are driven and want to build an incredibly successful career or digital business.

The data, digital & Tech sector is not like every other industry, you need a specialist who has delivered and lived in your shoes! Technology has a rapid pace, remote, distributed working, skills are short, security, compliance, challenges are high, (overwhelming in fact!) and competition….. well… global and growing.

You need support from people who know the industry, the challenges and opportunities. And can support your personal development, mindset, teach you strategies and someone who understands the challenges, can teach you about mindset and how to innovate, deliver projects, and build a tech business for success.

This is different and it depends on what you need. 

Some tech networks offer great ways to network.

Some run amazing conferences. 

Others offer industry tech knowledge & hard skill development. 

We are unique in that we brought together the softer elements, the personal growth for life-long fulfillment. 

Our philosophy of conscious thought leadership. 

The new generation leader is a role model that is empathetic and has a positive impact.

We believe in supporting wellness alongside high performance.

I am Sue Parker and I have lived a stressful yet successful career in IT and data. I come from knowing the challenges and am determined to deliver and share the very best personal growth for you. 

The ELiTe Collective Membership enrollment will open three times a year, but we can only support a limited number of people, after this there is a waiting list. This is to ensure YOU get the attention and responses you need to make a real transformation. 

When you join we take great care to set you on the right path and our aim is that every woman has an amazing journey that starts with an illuminating onboarding.

We have monthly & annual payment options, see this section for up to date pricing Link here.

There are a variety of payment methods accepted via Paypal, or using your credit or debit cards can be used and will automatically be set to reoccur. 

Yes, although I hope you don’t and if there is something you need and can’t find, please let me know and we’ll find it!

It’s easy to cancel at any time and your next monthly or annual payment won’t be taken. 

Sure, and we hope you don’t and if there is something missing just ask and we’ll do what we can to get it for you! 

You have 14 days to cancel and request a refund form when you first join. We want to give you peace of mind, but we are so confident you will go all in and build an amazing future with our tools! 

Yes, if you want to progress, make a change, uplevel then you need to join us!

As we build our content and masterclasses it is really important that we know our members exceptionally well so make sure you tell us this. This way we can provide the most relevant content to you and we have a pathway just for you!

Yes if you are ambitious and want to start with the best habit forming strategies for a successful and sustainable career. 


We will work with you giving you the tools to take your personal development to the next level for pursuing professional goals. A combination of knowledge, mindset and strategy. We promise to be supportive and if you follow the path you will build an incredible life for yourself.  YOU need to take action, show up and be committed for the next level. 

Then you will take action towards your goals, be high performing, have more confidence and this will affect the results you see. 

Loads! Akin to nature I’m a healthy ‘hands-on’ professional, at least once a week through lives, I’ll also either deliver or co-host many of the monthly masterclasses and live coaching. You’ll probably see lots of emails and chat messages in between as I look to get to know members, I like to collect feedback and this helps me bring you what you need. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction support or just need feedback you will be able to reach out and either me, my team or our community of likeminded peers will help.

The ELiTe Collective membership is only open for enrollment three times a year and to a limited number – we make sure that we provide enough support and are able to listen to our members but also provide the most impactful onboarding.

If you’re not sure whether to join this time around drop us a message below. The Memberships’s popularity is growing as people see real results, so you may have to join a waiting list.

We celebrate! You will have taken one bold brave step to a future you, we’ll send you a welcome email, login and invitation to the private collective – don’t forget to sign up for notifications so you never miss a resource, lesson or live that will inspire you to do more!  

Your Welcome journey will take you through what to expect, how to use the member’s site and where to access support. We start with guiding you through the ultimate strategy to a successful IT career checklist, and highly recommend you start with step 1. 


We’re certainly planning to launch future events and most importantly incredible retreats so that you get the full pamper experience focusing on you in every way. Members will have VIP treatment and the opportunity to snap up places. 

You know you can only take care of everything else when you have taken care of yourself and that’s what we will do with future plans. In the meantime please enjoy our accessible anytime anywhere virtual support! 

Absolutely and with the tech sector leading the globalisation effect this is more than ever the case. We have people  on our program that live in the US, Canada,  Austria … 

The core qualities that make successful people are just that, we invite you to share your culture & experiences.  

Get all the support you need to get to the next level & build a life you love

Hey there,

Have you reached this point and still  have questions?

Don’t know if this is right for you? How does it work etc. 

We would love to answer all of your questions

Let us know what they are. Speak soon.


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Remember above all else to take action
with love, Sue xx
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Get my 5 transformational breakthroughs as a new generation leader.

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Sign up below for the Empowered Leader series training and weekly personal & professonal development: Build your CONFIDENCE, your VISIBILITY,  INFLUENCE & impact. Getting more CLARITY, FOCUS, PRODUCTIVITY without risking burn out. Let's do this, Sue 
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