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We’re so focused on the hard skills, the what to do. Many of us focus so hard on the tactics we miss the 3 Dimensions that all successful people have in achieving growth & success. 

That’s why you have so many unfinished courses. Why you don’t make the same progress as others, even though it appears you are doing the same things. 

Working harder and longer than everyone else is a sure fire strategy to burnout.

As a new generation empowered leader, you take control, inspire, influence and create a life you love.

That’s why each of the programs, membership and coaching you receive will have 3X the progress of any other you’ve ever had. 

A toolkit you can use for life. 

Network/Support of amazing women in Tech in same position
Women leaders in Tech

Build Influence & Impact

Critical to success in any field is your ability to strongly influence others. 
Whether you’re looking for project go ahead, investment, sales or simply building a strong network you will not want to miss this. 

Not taught in schools this critical skillset will be part of your toolkit for many years. 

Sue Parker     $199

The Confidence Code

Stuck behind the desk. With a burning desire to do more, knowing there is a lot more potential inside can leave you disconnected from life. 

Often the biggest blocker is the C word. 

Join me as we give you a lesson in neuroscience & a kick start boost to your Confidence. And feel ready to take on whatever challenges, dreams & ambitions you have. 

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The New Gen Empowered Leader program - Thriving in your first 30 days in Leadership


Be more effective & productive – avoid the overwhelm – Knowing what to focus & how to get that focus & drive, without doing more/ working longer/ losing balance

Win support / develop influence for bigger impact & purpose. 

Be more confident (overcome imposter syndrome to move forward) as an authentic leader. To be more successful in your field. 

Learn how unleash your inner leader to become a connected new generation leader, doing what you love. 


This is an essential course for anyone who is: 

  • In leadership and wants to either know they are doing it right or figure out what they should be doing.
  • Anyone new to a leadership role, director, manager, team leader or senior can learn
  • Anyone aspiring to become a leader.
  • Team Leaders, Managers, Ambitious/aspiring professionals 
  • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs ? – can also find these strategies useful

Sue Parker     $599

I'm tired of feeling unfulfilled at work. I know I can do more & I can earn more!

ELiTe Membership Includes:

Empowering New Courses Every Month


Per montH

Monthly Challenges
Set Goals, monitor Progress & Plan


or 3 * £799

In full

Live Group Coaching & Q&A every month


or 3 * £1999

Work with Sue each week to grow your IT career to the next level


We work with ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs who are driven and future centric. Who have found themselves working hard, but not seeing the results.  Keen to wake up motivated, come home fulfilled. 

Becoming an empowered leader with control over the day and uplevelling. 


The digital & IT sector is not like every other industry, you need a specialist who has delivered and lived in your shoes. The sector is rapidly changing, professionals like you want more freedom, have more opportunities. 

You can start an online business, you can do freelance consulting or take control in your career.  

You need someone who understands the challenges, has responsibilities like you, can teach you about mindset and strategies from the best people in the industry, and knows how to innovate, deliver projects, and with a business mindset. 

The ELiTe program applications are always open and we have new programs starting each quarter. But we can only support a limited number of people, after this there is a waiting list. This is to ensure YOU get the attention and guidance you need to make real transformation WINNING back YOUR TIME and GROWING your business or career. 

The ELiTe signature program itself is intentionally built to be light on redundant (for the safe of it) content and focusses on the most effective actions & information for success. This is time spent working on YOU & YOUR business, how much you chose to spend depends on you. I ask that you are committed, open to new strategies and changing your mindset and show up for our calls, remember what got you here, won’t get you there, so let’s do this!

We will work with you giving you the tools to take you and your business to the next level. A combination of mindset and strategy. We promise to be supportive, including being your accountability partner. YOU need to take action, show up, be committed and open to take control over your time & take things to the next level. 

Loads! Akin to nature I’m a healthy ‘hands on’ professional, we’ll talk at least once a week with lots of chat comms in-between and more if you need it. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or lacking direction support I will be there. I’ll also give you feedback as you need it.  

If not now then what are you waiting for? burn out? stress? for competition to innovate? to fall behind? Book a call to discuss your concerns. The program’s popularity is growing as people see real results, so you may have to join a waiting list.

We’ll have a one to one call to hit the ground running, we talk about everything from your current situation to goals. We’ll begin an action plan and discover the most accessible times and ways for us to communicate and keep you on track. 

The ELiTe program takes a practical and mindset approach to each focus area, think of it as a series of requirements or user stories 1. You will need more time so that you can focus on growing your business – I take you through dutch time management & Paretos principles to isolate your 80:20 (it’s all very well managing time if you’re doing the wrong things in that time), developing habits & rituals of successful people and mindset (it’s all useless without the right mindset) take your through practical ways to take back YOUR time. 

There are some optional modules to the program as one size does not fit all, this allows you to focus on your specific situation and goals.

I have delivered lots of on site training, in my experience whilst we learn a lot during these full days, when people are back at their desks it’s very difficult to put things into practise without an ongoing accountability partner.  Some professionals maybe unable to attend, busy diaries make scheduling challenging not to mention accommodation. 

I’ve found great success in our current program delivery, we don’t compete with busy lives, we’re always accessible. We talk frequently with ease, we develop a relationship that is supportive and informative at the exact moment you need it and is available right here using a range of technologies.

If you’d like to discuss onsite workshops for you and your teams, contact Susie @  

Be the next Global tech leader

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If you're serious to take your career to the next level, you're ready to command a salary you are worth but not sure if this is right for you, then jump on a call with me. I guarantee you will get value out of the call even If we decide not to work together. 

Network/Support of amazing women in Tech in same position
Women leaders in Tech

Build your Connections

How to network 101

Build a stand out personal brand

Career to Entrepreneur Kickstart an online business Side hustle

Reignite your Passion/Purpose for what you do!

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Get my 5 transformational breakthroughs as a new generation leader.

Become an Empowered Leader with Impact - Free Training

Sign up below for the Empowered Leader series training and weekly personal & professonal development: Build your CONFIDENCE, your VISIBILITY,  INFLUENCE & impact. Getting more CLARITY, FOCUS, PRODUCTIVITY without risking burn out. Let's do this, Sue 
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