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My Mission for Empowered Leaders in Tech

Hi, I'm Sue Parker & my mission is help ambitious professionals to transform, becoming a new generation of empowered conscious thought leaders. Connected to your life's work, confident & living in full flow building success in a field you love.

Does this describe you?
Overwhelmed - always busy & trying to keep up
I sometimes feel unheard
Full of unfulfilled potential
Feeling plateaued , stuck
High performing but unrecognised
Lack the influence over others to have an impact or support for my ideas

With a strong desire deep inside to:
UNLEASH your potential
Do work with purpose & mission
To achieve & be recognised
To balance a successful professional life & have a happy family

If this is you then you are not only in the right place, but I know exactly how it can feel when it seems it's never enough, lonely, overwhelming and you're asking what will it take.

You can read more about my journey below, but in the beginning after becoming the only female leader in my company, recovering from burnout and during my leadership & development training I learnt how the top 2% have the edge, and it's not all about knowledge & technical skills.
I first started ELiTe because I realised that this level of coaching & personal development is not accessible for all. And this made some of our career goals unobtainable. There was little opportunity for all, nor diversity or inclusion. I wanted to make this more accessible and after analysing many successful people I created the 3D Success Framework to support just that. Accessible programs. I believe this empowerment is one way to tackle diversity in leadership & allow you to unleash your true potential. But then reflecting on my own journey and working with amazingly talented people in tech and data, I discovered the goal was not as simple as getting the social status, the title and salary. But that the journey to a successful career takes many forms, the pathway might not even be in tech at all. And sometimes it was to create their own business. So many career experts target one outcome, but you can't start with the answer, this journey starts with finding your inner power, your 'why', reignite your passion, define your vision, the plan and be empowered to take the steps to build a successful professional life you love.

I am determined for other professional women to find this connection, live out your potential living in full flow of your natural talents. Being taken seriously as leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. All while being a wonderful mum, dad, wife, husband friend and more....

Sometimes we have imposter syndrome, we stay stuck bouncing between paralysing fear & a determination to grow. We don't ask for help because that feels like failure and everyone else seems to know the answers. The pace in IT is so fast it's constantly changing, full of new tech jargon and a predominately white male C level.

Feeling unfulfilled, overworked and completely lost I suffered burn out before I made massive shifts to have:
- Complete clarity on my career vision & take control
- Incredible self belief & habits to support me
- Make opportunities, to get the role I wanted and the salary I deserved
- To become a confident leader
- And unapologetically a mum - creating the work life balance I wanted.

Empowered Leaders in Tech is all about supporting you with personal & professional growth, so that you can advance, find your purpose, become a happier, more fulfilled you, that makes us a better mum, wife and leader. Being the best you for a work life you love!

What's different about ELiTe?

After my final decision to take control and uplevel my life, I wanted to make this level of transformational growth accessible to all aspiring professionals, even if like me you have the responsibility of a family, and commitments. Many programs are designed for execs or celebs with trainers, hired help, little family commitment and huge budgets. My videos, courses and coaching talk about how to weave the transformational benefits of the 3D Growth Framework & key teachings of neuroscience into real lives. So that your professional & personal goals become achievable and you can build a fulfilling life that you love.

I believed that Hard Work + Long Hours = Success

When I reached a leadership post I felt overwhelmed, unprepared and alone. 

What's more, I felt tremendous guilt for wanting to maintain a career as part of my identity, using my potential when all around me the world seemed to be saying you should be happy being a mum. 

I discovered that the top 2% of leaders that are fulfilled, connected & confident, have a toolkit (habits, strategies), support and clarity so they can build the life they want. 

I geeked out on neuroscience & personal development to become a better leader, wife & mum.

Now I want to ensure you have the tools and I created The 3D Success Framework to make it happen. 

I want YOU to wake up MOTiVATED and go home FULFILLED. 

Let's empower you to be the leader you aspire to be, and the life you love. 

My Career Story - Staying Stuck but Safe

There were three defining moments in my professional career:

My breakdown - led to me questioning the definition of 'success' and reject the work hard = reward old belief.
My breakthrough - As a first time mum I was heart broken leaving my son, yet financially and personally needed a career to feel fulfilment. Yet it was all or nothing. With uncompassionate male corporate leaders.
My inspiration - For years I stayed frozen with fear yet bursting with ideas. Eventually I took one step of action, then stopped, then another and found incredible inspiration to keep going. Even though Imposter syndrome shows up all the time.

In the Beginning

When I was young I was told to stay in a safe job. But after a while I got tired of being stuck, counting down the hours and sidestepping. I saw other people leapfrog me and progress, it felt like it was getting too late.
My parents were business owners and worked 24/7/365, we hardly saw them. So I believed that I needed to work harder & longer than everyone else to be successful. But it was never recognised. And I couldn't pivot and start over, because I now needed my salary. I had responsibilities and people depended on me.
Then when I had my son no one was interested in an IT project manager or Business Analyst who wanted to work flexibly or part time.

And yet I had this burning desire to be both an amazing mum and successfull person in my own career.

When Imposter Syndrome Strikes

I thought the only way to achieve 'success' was to climb the career ladder. Eventually I got the salary and the title. But more than that I had something to prove, that I was worthy of it. I'd come home at night distant & snappy as the pressure mounted. Unsurprisingly after watching my parents work 24/7 as business owners, I believed you had to work harder than everyone else to survive.

And then I was sitting in the boardroom with a leadership program director Q&A and I realised, finally, how the execs got the edge. It wasn't that they always had the right answers, in fact they admitted to often getting it wrong. It was that they had incredible access to a coach, a mentor, a support networks and specialist personal growth. People routing for them.
Unfortunately as one of the only females, it was lonely in my leader role and I couldn't ask questions. Before I knew it I suffered life-changing burnout that manifested physically. I couldn't function. I'd insomnia, heart palpitations, I'd hit rock bottom.

As I was recovering I wanted to share all the secrets I'd discovered and I still do.

But then I realised something very powerful. In my lowest moment, I realised that 'success' defined by society is not for everyone. Sometimes I was trying to 'fit in'.

I shifted my focus to build a career while uncompromising the person I wanted to be, the business & colleagues I support, with integrity and family who are part of who I am. Figuring out who you are and the person you want to become, your values are incredibly important to achieve fulfilment, happiness and insatiable drive to be an incredible leader too!

Defining Success for Your Career & Life

Fulfilled at work = happier you at home.
I spent my whole career trying to figure out how to become the best version of me, to prove myself, use my potential and feel fulfilled, living every aspect of my life with confidence.
I discovered after a long time that there are many choices we each make during our career journey, and these decisions are ours to take.
I saw the gender bias as the whole story, not realising I had the choice to reject that attitude and make it happen anyway.
Now I'm a confident leader in work I'm passionate about. And I know this journey has made me a happier person at home, a better mum, wife and friend.

Positive Affirmations: You can control your career, you are not too old
Take Control of Your Career

I believe that every woman can build a successful career they love, to transform the way you feel, to get paid to do something they enjoy with impact. To become the best you at work and home. With the Direction, the Mindset and Support. Join me today and learn about my incredible career program Or listen to My ELiTe Career Podcast because there if there is anything you need to know its that:

  • You are good enough
  • You are NOT stuck
  • You can define your success
  • You can choose
  • You can become a better version of you every day
  • You can build a career to support a life you love
  • You have incredible skills you can get paid for
"Get out of your own way and make it happen"

Sue xx

"Her rapid progression in her career is a testimony of her ability, acumen and adaptability"
Fahim Muktar
Lead Product Owner

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IT Professional Career Mum

So I took a local full time BA job and completed my masters as a working mum… the hardest thing I’ve ever done! My masters in Business Intelligent Systems and Data Mining was in the field I wanted to get into, data was on the rise and I wanted an innovative, meaningful role. The following year I took on a whole new power, I felt like I could do almost anything, I was amazed at what we had achieved, so I went for it, and accelerated my career from BA to Head of Business in Intelligence. I believe I made 3 shifts to making it happen:

  • I had this amazing self belief
  • A vision - complete clarity of where I was going
  • Opportunities could be made
  • 'I had a coach that wouldn't take no for an answer'

    Successful Leaders have Coaches

    That year I enrolled on a Leadership Development program, where I learned two key things that really resonated 1. These successful leaders had a coach for most of their career. An accountability coach at times, and a mentor at others, they guided and didn't accept no for an answer. So I thought where do I find a coach? I'm not a white middle class male on the exec suite, exec coaching is not for the likes of me. 2. Have your rocks! Do one/two things really well and do them above all else! Well I was notorious for taking on too much, trying to improve everything and suffering burn out as we know and in my new head of role was doing exactly the same thing.

    Two Babies for the Head of BI

    I then had my daughter and I still wanted to have it all! Returning from maternity leave holding me back was the fear that by asking for flexibility the company restructure, would be an excuse to get rid of me. But that's not all, impostor syndrome had resurfaced. And I'm not alone, tech jargon you need to relearn, the fast pace of the industry means so much has changed and the stakes get higher the higher you go. I'd also find myself at networking events carefully avoiding to mention the children. I was not authentic or fulfilled, trying to be someone else. I took on a coach and I realised it was down to me to get the life I wanted. I've learnt so much in my journey, the value of human needs and deeper communication for everyone's growth. Because asking takes courage, we often protect our position by staying quiet, while being unfulfilled and unauthentic. I went out there and discovered I not only had opportunities, but I was valued. I'm successful in my field, I have two beautiful children and I'm going to continue growing. As my coach says the secret to living is giving & growing, and ELiTe is that to me.

    ELiTe - Empowering Leaders in Tech - My why!

    ELiTe digital space is my most meaningful project yet, the vision is bigger than myself. Transforming female in tech to become confident leaders. To earn more, have opportunities, feel accomplished and fulfilled making you a better - happier you at home. By amazing support, knowledge & strategy.

    Please get involved, together we can have such an impact from having more role models in STEM for our girls to increase your income and opportunities to become a happier, more fulfilled you, that makes us a better mum, wife and leader. Being the best you!

    Sue xx

    Technical Background

    If you got to this point then you’re probably thinking what tech experience has Sue got? I’ll avoid writing my CV but here are a few areas:

    Web, Software & Data Development

    A large chunk of my career has been solution design be it software, integrations, data modelling or analytics. And before this I taught students aged 17-36 how to master a tonne of applicable skills in business & IT. In fact some of my best students are now directors of their own companies.

    Presence & Presenting

    I can hand on heart say this has been invaluable in my career progression, call it personal brand or whatever you like, developing a presence in business, your team or a new organisation can be invaluable in getting recognised & your voice heard. Presenting to inform, influence & impact is also an essential soft skill for a leader. I view it as a performance it helps to detach it to any hang ups you may have.

    Building, Leading IT Teams & Managing Stakeholders

    Tech leadership is not like any other industry and varies across business sizes and growth rate. I've worked in environments applying methodologies in different ways. Including building the right mix of people, process, systems & data from the ground up, all during BAU.
    Don't forget the value of building a great team around you, innovative self managers, and in IT these are often distributed or remote.

    Managing stakeholders from board level (internal or external) to SMEs could easily take up a page on my CV! Knowing how to build a relationship so that it can cope with the good & bad in business is key.

    Strategic planning & pipeline management

    As with most tech teams, there's rarely a shortage of things to do, but working on the most valuable whilst managing every other request and progressing internal strategic work is key.

    "Sue's ability to communicate at all levels and provide clarity was something she excelled at. "
    Mark Skerratt
    Senior Business Analyst
    "Her personal clarity of thinking were a real strength during our time working together."
    Keith Graves
    Consultant Head of IT

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